Lanarkshire’s Community Impact Award

Sponsored by Morgan Sindall 

This award is open to all Lanarkshire based businesses, whose primary objective is to achieve social and / or environmental benefit, making a positive impact on the local community. You must be aspiring to financial independence through trading.

If your business can evidence:

• how it has enhanced opportunities for local people living in Lanarkshire where your business operates,
• specific initiatives to improve the social, environmental, and economic outcomes of the community,
• the impact of your initatives on local people, place, product and service;
• a plan for sustainability, and
• an ambition to innovate.

then this award is for you.

Please tell us why your business should win the Lanarkshire Community Impact Award by completing the following questions.

i. The cost-of-living crisis is having an unprecedented impact on our local communities. Looking at your community impact activity over the previous year, what makes your business a candidate for this Award? Explain your organisation’s objectives and how your business has positively impacted the community. Give examples of social and/or environmental impacts to date. (Maximum of 450 words)

ii. Looking at your team, outline what makes it Lanarkshire’s best community impact team. Describe your team structure, their roles and contribution to the community through the projects delivered and how this empowers local communities. Please include examples and at least one testimonial from local people who have benefited. (Maximum of 450 words, excluding testimonial)

iii. Explain how products and /or services are developed, delivered, co-ordinated and promoted. Outline your ambition and plan to build on your success and explain how you will achieve this. (Maximum of 450 words)

iv. Outline any additional information that would also support your case for your business to win this Award. Examples could include awards won, challenges you have overcome, fair working practices, net-zero activity, accreditations and sustainable development practices. (Maximum of 400 words)

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