Lanarkshire’s Green Business Award

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This category is for businesses that can demonstrate they are being proactive towards establishing sustainable, carbon neutral practices that are aligned to help achieve, or are on track to realise, the Scottish Government’s net zero emissions target of 2045.

This category is open to all businesses, irrespective of size or industry sector, that have or are successfully innovating and pivoting to develop either technologies, services, products, internal business operations or existing systems that serve to support meeting the net zero goal for the Lanarkshire region.

Businesses applying for this category can highlight solutions that have been actively implemented, or that are currently underway, which will help drive the objective of reducing emissions of all greenhouse gases.

A successful entrant will be able to demonstrate that they are actively improving and adding value to their business through sustainable practices. Judges will be looking for evidence of interventions to both internal operations and with product and/or service delivery/development.

i. Describe the innovative product, process or service, adaptation of an existing or development of a new way of working, or new sustainable business activities undertaken to reduce your carbon footprint, including the potential size of the emissions reduction it is capable of delivering. (max 450 words)

ii. Describe how the sustainable business activities are currently maintained and supported within your business to ensure optimum impact, and your future sustainable business goals and plans to achieve them. (Max 450 words)

iii. Describe how your product, technology or service compares with alternatives in the market and any challenges you have identified and overcome. (max 450 words)

iv. Describe how your sustainable business activities are measured and what impact they have had? Please consider how this has impacted beyond your own organisation, and the broader co-benefits it has achieved. (Max 450 words)

v. Why do you believe your company/organisation deserves to win the Green Business Award. (Max 400 words)

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