Excellence in Customer Service

Sponsorship still available

This award is open to all businesses based in Lanarkshire that go above and beyond to offer excellence in customer service.

If your business can evidence:

• an outstanding commitment to customer service;
• an ability to meet and exceed customer expectations;
• a plan for continued success;
• an ambition to improve your customer service;and
• customer service is at the core of your business;

then this award is for you.

Please tell us why your business should win the Excellence in Customer Service Award by completing the following questions.

i. Please provide detail on the current level of customer service offered by your business and your ambition to improve upon this. Please also provide an overview of your customer service performance over the last year and give examples of how your business has been able to maintain or improve on these customer services levels. (maximum of 450 words)

ii. Describe how your business measures and manages your online and offline customer service levels. Outline how your business deals with complaints and positive feedback, and how this has impacted on your business. Please give specific examples. (maximum of 450 words)

iii. Looking at your team, outline how it excels in customer service. Describe your team structure, their roles and contribution to your business success. Explain how your business encourages each team member to be creative and empowered to improve performance. Describe your staff development activity and how you keep your staff motivated to ensure continuing excellence in customer service. Provide examples of where this has been successful. (maximum of 450 words)

iv. Outline any additional information that would also support your case for your business to win this award. Examples could include awards won, challenges you have overcome, fair working practices, accreditations and sustainable development practices. (maximum of 400 words)

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