Lanarkshire’s Best Food & Drink Business

Sponsored by DYW

This award is open to all Lanarkshire based businesses that manufacture or produce food and drink products. (Restaurants are encouraged to apply for other categories such as the Best New Product or Service Award or Customer Service Award or best business categories.)

If your business can evidence:

• high quality food and drink products;
• a contribution to local food and drink sector;
• an explanation of the market opportunity and financial results; and
• an ambition to improve your business products and performance;

then this award is for you.

Please tell us why your business should win the Lanarkshire’s Best Food and Drink award by completing the following questions.

i. Looking at your business performance over the previous year, what makes your business a candidate for Lanarkshire’s Best Food and Drink Business of the Year? Describe your business performance to date. Outline your ambition and plan to build on your success and explain how you will achieve this. (maximum of 450 words)

ii. Outline your food and drink products and how you make sure you deliver a consistently high quality to your customers. Explain how strong your relationships are with customers and suppliers and give examples of how these work well. Please highlight key relationships – local, national and international. (maximum of 450 words)

iii. Explain how you market your business and how your business and products are different from your competitors in your market. (maximum of 450 words)

iv. Outline any additional information that would also support your case for your business to win this Lanarkshire’s Best Food and Drink Business award? Examples could include awards you have won, challenges you have overcome, fair working practices, accreditations and sustainable development practices. (maximum of 400 words)

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